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CGLU : Appel à la solidarité avec la Chine

Call for solidarity for the 2019-nCov epidemic prevention and control

Dear partners,

As you may know, China is suffering large-scale outbreaks of 2019-nCov. Our Chinese partners have worked hard to surmount this urgent situation, but require assistance.

Guangdong Province took the lead among all the provinces in establishing a prevention and control leading group, making scientific and meticulous arrangements, as well as activating the Level I Public Health Emergency Response in a timely manner. At present, Guangdong has taken effective measures in curbing the epidemic. As such, the society is stable with sufficient supply of daily necessities, functional public transportation, and infrastructure for medical, essential and epidemic control related supplies.

The Guangdong Province and the city of Guangzhou have requested that UCLG help in order to receive vital medical equipment and supplies.

We share the list of their needs and we are ready to cooperate with you in order to facilitate the delivering of this help provide some relief to our partners. We are addressing this request particularly to medical NGOs and Agency experts in this field.

Our partners are asking for any kind of contact that can help them facilitate medical equipment procurement.

Please share any and all information with our Working Group on Territorial Prevention and Management of Crisis :

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Emilia Saiz

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Procurement and Storage List of Key Materials for the Epidemic Prevention and Control.pdfProcurement and Storage List of Key Materials for the Epidemic Prevention and Control Call for solidarity_epidemic prevention and control

Publié le 10 février 2020

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